Mistress Giselle


I am told that my feet are two of my greatest assets. After all, four million plus people on YouTube can’t be wrong. Aside from the word ‘sex’, feet is the next most Googled word on the Internet. The foot fetishist is a happy person, once he or she has recognised their needs and desires. A woman with beautiful feet is indeed a goddess apart and one to be adored and worshipped from both near and far.

Mistress has over 600 pairs of shoes to adorn her perfect feet and I am often asked to wear certain shoes before worshipping begins properly. Court shoes, slingbacks, sandals, platforms, boots, wedges, mules, ballet boots and shoes, thongs, toe-posts and designer shoes are all items of beauty that Mistress possesses and it is only a matter of the client asking and their deepest, darkest foot desires can be fulfilled and sated.

Usually, shoes are combined with either bare feet and a particular colour nail varnish or a specific requirement for either tights/pantyhose or stockings. Mistress has in her boudoir a huge collection of hosiery to satisfy the most demanding client and it is permissible for her to be dressed and worshipped as a part of the experience.

Mistress never washes with soap, preferring to let the soothing water cascade over her soft-skinned legs and feet. I have been told by many slaves that my feet and legs have the softest, smoothest skin they have ever experienced. My natural aromas are strong and musky and bring about a delicious intoxication for the worshipper.

I love having my nails painted and this can be a wonderful part of the overall effect for both the novice foot fetishist and the more experienced worshipper.

Interview with Mistress

What is your starsign? Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18.
What is your Primary Language? English.
What is your favourite colour? Black.
Who is your favourite celebrity? Bettie Page.
What is your best feature? Boobs.
What three words best describe your personality? Warm, direct, inclusive.
What is your favourite food? Roast Lamb.
What is your favourite drink? Champagne.
What is your favourite film? Pretty Woman.
What are your favourite flowers? Roses.
What is your favourite perfume? Obsession.
What is your favourite gift? Shoes.
What is your favourite holiday destination? The sun…
What is your ethnicity? White.
Colour of Eyes Green.
Colour of Hair Black.
Length of Hair Short bob.
Height 5’4″
Weight 9½st
Leg Measurement 31″
What is your shoe size? 5.5
Dress Size 12
Chest Size 38H”
What times are you always available? Weekday daytimes & evenings/Weekend daytime.
Will you do overnight bookings? Yes, by prior arrangement and if it suits me.
Nearest rail station? Chelmsford.
What sort of men turn you on? Tall, dark and handsome.
What sort of women turn you on? Pretty, submissive and curvy.
What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had? I am a Mistress so I’ve done everything there is to do…
What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!) Not enough room to describe it!
Where would you most like to have sex? On top of a million pounds…
What is your favourite sexual position? Missionary.
What is your second favourite sexual position? On top.
What is your biggest turn on? I love to have my feet worshipped.
When is your libido at its highest? All the time.
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